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Pablo Santos is a multidisciplinary designer based in Barcelona whose activity involves product & furniture design, photography, and some other stuff. He is actually more of a designer than an engineer, more of a photographer than an illustrator and more of a musician than a cyclist, but his mother told him that it was essential to know a bit about everything and he gives his best. He would rather a southern life than a northern one but he prefers straight lines than curves and places coffee above beer.

He worked as a design engineer in BD Barcelona Design, Apparatu and, currently, in Carmenes.

He collaborates with Isaac Piñeiro on projects of product and furniture design.

He photographs for companies like DomésticoShop, Naguisa, Port Aventura, Mobenia, Zoopa, Hager, Slowkind, Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments

He teaches in ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.

He also works in partnership with Yolanda Aranda on projects of visual identity, product photography, and art direction.


2018 - Elite Design Award. Project: 'H Bedding System'. Elite Company. In collab. with Maite Otano.

2015 - IX Cortes de Cádiz Ibero-American Prize in Design. Project: ‘Piriñaca. Rebujina de salitre y papelillo’. City Council of Cádiz, Spain. In collab. with Christine Schlack.